Why Petra Holidays?
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Pioneers in the Business

At Petra Holidays, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the first and leading travel and tourism service providers in Jordan, being the first company to launch the concept of packaged holidays and chartered flights in the Jordanian market. With nearly 45 years of experience in the industry, we have garnered the knowledge and experience that allow us to provide our customers with unforgettable travel experiences to countless destinations across the globe.

Our Corporate Philosophy

At Petra Holidays, we are passionate about our business. We rely on our core principles of trust, excellence and quality to guide our decisions and actions, ensuring everything we do is beneficial to our client, the company, and our colleagues. Our clear sense of commitment to serve our clients in accordance with best practices makes Petra Holidays a leader in its field.


The fact that a majority of our business is repeat and referral is, for us, the highest endorsement we could have. For years, we have seen generation after generation choose Petra Holidays as their travel service advisor and provider, and that in itself is a reality we take great pride in.

Our Staff

We believe that our team members are our most valuable asset. The consistency of exceeding the expectations of our clients and achieving success in everything we do depends solely on the passion and drive of each and every member of our team. Our staff is experienced, motivated, proactive and enthusiastic, and works together towards a common goal. We pride ourselves on being equal opportunity employers and we actively promote continuous training and learning, personal development, and growth towards the achievement of individual and collective excellence.

Specialist Knowledge

At Petra Holidays, we insist that our staff is fully knowledgeable in the regions they cover, and we make it a point to regularly visit these regions in order to form new partnerships and strengthen established ones, while keeping abreast of all issues relating to travel and discovering new areas and places to stay.

Unparalleled Customer Service

At Petra Holidays, the customer comes first. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, and we insist on making your travel experience unparalleled from beginning to end by looking in depth at your requirements and preferences and making sure that your trip, whatever its purpose is, exceeds your expectations.


We believe in the power of communication. Our communication channels are direct, transparent and sincere. We maintain a comprehensive and secure electronic database of our clients, allowing us to communicate with you, while ensuring that you are always aware of the latest in travel issues. Reciprocally, this allows us to be aware of your changing needs and requirements.


At Petra Holidays, we have made it a point never to provide you with a service or product unless we have tried and tested it, and we are confident that it will live up to the expectations we have set and to which our customers are accustomed to. We will always offer advice about the things you really need to know, and we will also advise you as to which trip is most suitable for your needs.

Outstanding Network of Partners

We have a carefully selected network of reliable partners and agents handling travel issues in the worldwide destinations we promote. The essence, is to find such a partner that has the same culture and philosophy as ours, so that our clients are looked after in the way we want them to be looked after. With our years of experience and knowledge, we have built many longstanding relationships with our agents, partners, and suppliers, ensuring that they deliver the level of service that our clients expect and that we demand.

Quality Personal Service

Every client of ours is looked after by an individual travel consultant committed to offering you a very personal and unique service. You can rest assured that your consultant will remain your point of contact before, during and after your trip, readily answering any questions or queries that you might have. Each consultant is in turn supported by an experienced and professional administration team to ensure that you have an effortless, efficient and enjoyable trip.

Stress-Free Travel

At Petra Holidays, we do all the planning for you. We provide you with reliable information on the best places to eat, sleep and sightsee at your travel destination. Our experienced partners and travel advisors will share their knowledge about the places you will visit, ensuring that you only get the best out of your time abroad. Prior to your trip, our staff is able to assist with logistical issues such as visa applications and travel insurance provision.

Tailored Travel and Holiday Packages

At Petra Holidays, we are happy to dedicate our time to working with you, to make certain that your requirements are met. Our standard itineraries are there to guide you through what we can offer, but if you are looking for something a little bit different, your Petra Holidays travel consultant will work with you to develop your personal travel itinerary that will accommodate your needs. Backed by a team of trained professionals, we can work with you to customize your trip, regardless of its destination and purpose.

Variety of Destinations

At Petra Holidays, we have a large variety of destinations spanning the Middle East and Gulf Region, Europe, Asia, Australia, The Americas and Africa.

Variety of Services and Itineraries

Within our covered destinations, our trips combine learning, recreation, luxury and leisure, and we offer comfortable and luxurious accommodations, incredible experiences, companionable groups, and hassle-free travel. Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Family Leisure Vacations.
- Tailor-Made Packages.
- Exotic Honeymoon Packages.
- Treatment & Beauty Spas.
- Business Trips.
- Ski, Golf & Cruise Options.
- Religious Trips.
- Summer Schools, Language Centers & Executive Training.
- Worldwide Hotel Bookings for both Business and Leisure Travelers.

Travelers with Special Needs

At Petra Holidays, we will also tailor services to travelers with special needs. We appreciate that each individual is entitled to a unique and enjoyable travel experience, and we have made it a point to identify partners in various locations that offer facilities which cater to the needs of such clients.

VIP Travel Solutions

At Petra Holidays, all of our clients receive VIP treatment. But for some clients, the requirement of privacy exceeds all other considerations. At Petra Holidays, we have created a VIP Travel division that offers an array of such private luxury customized services as private jet transportation, limousine pickup services, and bookings for customized accommodation and excursions. If what you are looking for is unsurpassed quality, comfort and luxury, within the confines of privacy, our VIP services are sure to exceed you r expectations. At your request, our travel consultants are available to visit you at your preferred location and at your own convenience.

Quality Support wherever you are

When abroad, and should the need arise, you will find our partners and agents available to assist you around the clock. Should you need to contact our offices in Jordan, we guarantee that we can easily be contacted either by phone or email and are available around the clock. We have a 24 hour emergency service to give you added security and peace of mind. In the event of an emergency, and regardless of your location, you will be able to reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Investment in Technology Solutions

At Petra Holidays, we have invested in the latest technology, introducing and using the fastest, most efficient and flexible travel networks and computing technology solutions available in the industry. We are leaders in this area, employing a network of online booking engines which allow us to make and confirm bookings on the spot during week days and holidays.

Our Commitment to the Local Community

Giving back to the community has become part of our company philosophy. At Petra Holidays, we believe that with the growth of the private sector comes a responsibility to giving back to society and an obligation to improving livelihoods. Through our CSR portfolio, we are committed to building relationships with local institutions which will allow us to share our growth and success nationally where it is needed.


Conveniently located in the central Amman business and financial district of Shmeisani, you will find our offices are easily accessible, with dedicated parking areas allowing you to reach us with little hassle.

Website and Booklet

At Petra Holidays, we have invested in several media that ensure our client is fully informed and updated with information on our services. You will find our website and company and product brochures available, comprehensive, easy to navigate, and interesting to read.

Our Packages