Out patient treatment...

This type of treatment requires that a client (patient) undergoes therapeutic procedure (baths, massages, etc.) as prescribed by their physician who can suggest outpatient treatment after injuries, surgical procedures or in case of chronic problems. The number of prescribed procedures is about 10 sessions and the client comes to receive them at a spa facility from their place of stay.

In addition to many other treatment spas offering a wide range of natural methods for treating illnesses listed below:

  •     Locomotor system diseases
  •     Kidney and urinary diseases
  •     Non-specific respiratory diseases
  •     Gynecological diseases
  •     Metabolic diseases and inner secretion glands disorders
  •     Malign tumors post-operative treatment


Wellness therapy is actually very similar to spa treatment. The main difference is in the fact it is not prescribed by a physician. Every client chooses wellness programs to suit their specific needs and wishes. They  can  go  for  a  two-day  beauty  program  or  a  one-week comprehensive package. The combination of procedures and the time spent in a spa sanatorium is only up to the client’s choice.

“Relaxation and Beauty!“

Enjoy sauna, whirlpool, steam baths... The hands of professionals will bring you relaxation massages and baths and warming wraps. Ladies can enjoy special „beauty programs“, including facial masks, peeling or anti-cellulite treatment. Wellness, however, is not designed only for women. Men can also come into their own. Choose the right thing of the multitude of programs available.

  • Beautiful skin    
  • Down with cellulite  
  • Relaxation    
  • Regeneration
  • Hydration
  • Aroma therapy
  • Full range of Spa water treatments.
  • Alternative therapies
  • Special programs for weight loss
  • Anti sclerotic and rejuvenating programs
  • Plastic surgery
  • Medical cosmetics and dentistry

Unwind, relax, and pamper yourself in one specially selected Spa Resorts. If you feel like spoiling yourself, why not enjoy one of our special Spa holidays. You can wash away the stresses of life back home, with massages and mud baths, facials and saunas, all sorts of treatments you've never even heard of - and usually with less prices.

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